5 ways to not look washed out in photos!

Hey girls… hope you all are having a great week! I’m on my mini vacay and most of you will be having holidays, meeting relatives etc since the festive season has officially started in the US and in India it never ends 🙂
A lot of my friends & some regular people who check out my blog have asked me this question- we all properly prep & everything (makeup or not), wear such expensive clothes and jewelry but when we see the pics we look all dead/washed out/K-Stew types! why??? So I thought since I’m addicted to taking pictures and it’s picture time everywhere, let me dish out my 2 cents on this :
1) Conceal your dark circles : I cannot stress more on this. you do not have to wear a heavy foundation or creams etc but do not ignore those eyes. They call them the window to the soul for nothing.  Just a tiny bit under the eyes and you’d be set! but be careful, too uch or too light and you’d look like a panda!
conceal dark circles
2) A tiny bit of color on the lips : There are hordes & hordes of lip product brands available in almost all the countries so you can choose your pic. tip : if you don’t want a stark strong lipcolor, just dab some & apply with your fingers and you’d have the softest pout!
3) Apply a bronzer : I’ve done it before and it works. Even if you have a just washed clear face, just apply a tiny bit of bronzer under the cheekbones or on surfaces where the sun hits your face! This specially works when you have a pale face like me. Avoid overly shimmery and glittery bronzers. Opt for one with a soft matte finish for the most natural glow.If you’re more like me, mix a teeny bit of pink blush with the bronzer and you’ll look like a healthy happy person as opposed to a pale ghost!
Fit ME-bronzer_model-shot_083115
4) Do NOT use a lot of SPF : I understand sunscreen is a must if you’re going out in the sun. but if you are at an outdoor function or you know there are going to be a ton of pics, go easy on the sunblock! or rather use a BB cream/ tinted moisturizer kinds. extra SPF will deffo make you look all white and ghost-like! this applies to wedding pics as well! Also, keep blotting your face with tissues, if you get oily and shiny a lot!


5) When all else fails , find your best pose and give your best smile :  Practice your best angles in the mirror and confidently smile! The cameras capture it all 😉  Karen from makeupandbeautyblog had given great tips on the camera angles a few months back 🙂
** rest all is secondary. I mostly put this up for girls who are not so much into makeup or are too busy to take care of themselves Or think makeup is not for them! a little bit of kohl, mascara or deep tones won’t hurt anyone -right? 😉

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12 thoughts on “5 ways to not look washed out in photos!”

  1. awesome tips Bee! I totally agree about concealing dark circles and bronzer! love nyc sunny for daily use! its fantastic!

    1. Thanks so much Pari… I know concealer is a must for me these days. Heheh
      Btw, the other day i picked an nyc bronzer and put it back. Will get it now since u gave green signal 😉

      1. Bee its fantastic yaar! initially I thought its so light will never show up on me but it does show up nicely and looks very natural! absolutely love the quality especially for the price 🙂

  2. Fabulous post Bee. 😀 The tips are so practical and I agree with you about the bronzer you know. I have just started using one and oh boy they do make a lot of difference . 😀 Shall mix my fav pink blush and test it on me soon. 😉

    1. Thanks so much Jyo… Even i just discovered bronzer a couple of months back and it really gives definition to the face.
      The victorias secret models do the mixing thing. Do let me know how you find it 😀

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