Quick Fix for Dried Oily Skin (Overnight Treatment)

As we all are seeing that fall is upon us and the weather is comparatively cooler which is affecting my skin a lot.. It has dried up in some places and is oily in some places.
It also seems that exfoliating & rich moisturizer are not quite quenching my thirsty skin.
So, a friend of mine suggested i use her “Quick Fix method”…I know that some you may already do this, or it’s not a new discovery, but i just thought i would share it with you as it helped me a lot.

Review: Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool

The Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool comes in a cute box with the main device and 3 brush heads – which is a great thing- The soft, medium and firm- for different skin types. I’d suggest to use the soft one a few times so that the skin gets used to the scrubbing factor before graduating to the other stronger brushes.The rotating brush head has two speeds so all you have to do is glide it gently over your skin.

The things we know- and never do :(

Heyy sweeties, how’s the week going for you guys? Sorry for being MIA again. the heat and irregular sleep timings are really playing a havoc on me and hubby lately :(( *I badly need some spanking* BTW- everyone waiting for the fall season to come soon say AYE!!! Yeahh- I know summer is all fun and games but the heat :(( I find winters more forgiving… not the snow though…. shit- I ramble so much…. hehehe

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