Halloween Wildcat look!

Yesterday evening I was pretty bored and after dinner (at around 11pm) something just snapped and I thought of doing this look…. and my hubby was totally bonkers as he saw me suddenly going in my make up corner and whipping out things and starting to paint my face…. LOL
Giving you a detailed breakdown of the look- hope you all like it!

Quick Fix for Dried Oily Skin (Overnight Treatment)

As we all are seeing that fall is upon us and the weather is comparatively cooler which is affecting my skin a lot.. It has dried up in some places and is oily in some places.
It also seems that exfoliating & rich moisturizer are not quite quenching my thirsty skin.
So, a friend of mine suggested i use her “Quick Fix method”…I know that some you may already do this, or it’s not a new discovery, but i just thought i would share it with you as it helped me a lot.

Mally’s beauty kits!

Remember in my THIS post how the vivacious beauty crazed MAlly is venturing into beauty and cosmetic line…. well, She has officially come out with a great line. No wonder Magazines call her “THE FIRST LADY OF MAKEUP!” I, personally, love her and if everything goes well, one of you might get a package from the range too….

Fall makeup trends: Metallic Silver Smokey eye look!

I just realised Ive been doing less and less of make-up tutorials these days and so decided to go for something that is very IN this season… I’m trying to make a series out of it but for a while I’ll start with the Metallics. This is a metallic silver- smokey eye…. actually I think there may be like a million versions of Smokey eyes involving black but what to do- the thing is quite in vogue… hehehe.. But for my next tutorial I’m planning to experiment a bit – will let you know about it soon 😉 😉

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