Quick Fix for Dried Oily Skin (Overnight Treatment)

As we all are seeing that fall is upon us and the weather is comparatively cooler which is affecting my skin a lot.. It has dried up in some places and is oily in some places.
It also seems that exfoliating & rich moisturizer are not quite quenching my thirsty skin.
So, a friend of mine suggested i use her “Quick Fix method”…I know that some you may already do this, or it’s not a new discovery, but i just thought i would share it with you as it helped me a lot.

Fall makeup trends: Metallic Silver Smokey eye look!

I just realised Ive been doing less and less of make-up tutorials these days and so decided to go for something that is very IN this season… I’m trying to make a series out of it but for a while I’ll start with the Metallics. This is a metallic silver- smokey eye…. actually I think there may be like a million versions of Smokey eyes involving black but what to do- the thing is quite in vogue… hehehe.. But for my next tutorial I’m planning to experiment a bit – will let you know about it soon 😉 😉

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