eye shadows

A Little Bit Of Green!

Soooo you can quite guess from my tone that I’m super pissed off… yup! the one weekend I really dress up and want to really have a great time, and somehow the entire universe doesn’t agree with me…. so on a saturday eve, instead of getting angry & frustrated, I thought I’d channel my energy in something I like.. So came up with this. i know I’m simply rambling and bugging you guys off… so lemme get started before I hear snores!

Lime n lemony eyes :)

Hey pretty girls… these days I look at my 120 palette and I just feel like playing with colors.. and before I used to keep looking at them and get all confused… what goes with what? what will counter what else? and how do I keep hem from getting muddy 30mins after I apply them…. so after lots of trials and help from ppl I’m finally getting the hang of it… so I decided to foray more into colored EOTDs… you’ll be seeing a lot more experiments here now.. heheheh

Ardell Brow Defining Palette Dark featuring KKcentreHK and how I groom my eyebrows.

I read about brow kits on blogs and some of my blogger friends raved about it so much.. Actually- I saw the drastic difference in the face and I was really impressed.. Then again- there was the shade search because I have very dark, almost black brows and most of the brow pencils/powders I saw bordered around brown – i.e brunette hair.

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