Lip Gloss

A Little Bit Of Green!

Soooo you can quite guess from my tone that I’m super pissed off… yup! the one weekend I really dress up and want to really have a great time, and somehow the entire universe doesn’t agree with me…. so on a saturday eve, instead of getting angry & frustrated, I thought I’d channel my energy in something I like.. So came up with this. i know I’m simply rambling and bugging you guys off… so lemme get started before I hear snores!

First Haul of 2012!

Heyy my fashionistas… hope you had a great weekend and partied hard… I celebrated new year’s eve with hubby and friends and we had a hell of a time!!! Good God was I screaming!! hehehehe
On this note have a very happy new year and hope you all achieve what you wish for 🙂

In my last giveaway… A lot of you had suggested I do haul posts. I used to earlier feel a bit

Fall makeup trends: Metallic Silver Smokey eye look!

I just realised Ive been doing less and less of make-up tutorials these days and so decided to go for something that is very IN this season… I’m trying to make a series out of it but for a while I’ll start with the Metallics. This is a metallic silver- smokey eye…. actually I think there may be like a million versions of Smokey eyes involving black but what to do- the thing is quite in vogue… hehehe.. But for my next tutorial I’m planning to experiment a bit – will let you know about it soon 😉 😉

NYX Mega shine Lip gloss LA-LA Review & Swatches!

I picked this up in Vegas in like 5 mins because I got so excited seeing a NYX counter – they are so freaking difficult to track- even ULTA keeps all NYx leftovers 🙁 .I wanted to try something from NYX (I ended up buying 5-6 products ;)) they really are great as a brand and definitely on-level with some high end brands.
WIth most of glosses I felt that they have a plasticky-mediciney smell – which is nauseating… This baby has a mild bubble gummy smell which goes off in a while so I found it to be very playful. In the tube it looks more of a watermelony-pinkish-peachy-color. But when you apply it its a very wearable pink. Just enough to give a pop of color without being loud.

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