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Review :Prestige Waterproof Automatic Eyeliner in Smoke Green

Prestige cosmetics waterproof automatic eyeliner offers a unique swivel-up color application that retracts and never needs sharpening. soft, rounded point applies color smoothly and evenly, without pulling or tugging. long lasting formula doesn’t smudge.
It cost me around $6 with taxes.

Mattify! cosmetics Sparkling eyeshadows Reviews, Swatches and EOTDs

most of the pressed shadows that we normally get are not so pigmented or rely heavily on the eyeshadow base to stick to the eye so as to not crease or stay on for a fairly long time. The makers at Mattify! have modified this and made shadow pigments which are smooth, long lasting and also multipurpose.

CREA CLIP Review and My haircut!!!

So tell me , how many of you get miffed taking appointments with hair stylists, go there, try your best to explain what you want – in the end only to find that your money +tip has gone in the drain (along with your hair). I know that cutting hair is an art and I truly respect hair stylists… but in the last 1 year i dreaded cutting my hair and avoided it only for these reasons… as other DIY things that I do- I really wished if I could cut or at least could trim my own hair. And then one day I saw CREA CLIP on a blog.

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