CELEB WATCH :The Best and Worst this week!!!

Hey Gals, how’s life?? anything exciting???  The last time I went mall-hopping I saw that fall fashion has already landed.. and fall is 2-3 months away—-talk about futuristic optimism.. hehehe 

SO I was browsing though my regular mags and got to see some looks..  I liked these 2 a lot and then there was Ma’m GAGA again… well, see for yourself 😉 Actually these are very wearable looks and can be easily tried out by my fashionista friends 😉


Loved loved loved her Isabel Marant pants. I’m sure they will suit heavy girls like me and have an instant slimming effect…  and they look more wearable than colored denim too.. whaddayathink???

also the blazer trend is here to stay bigtime (thats for another post ;))



This is a classic example of truly OWNING  an ensemble. Loved the way she has used the belt making the dress hug her curves….  and making an otherwise mediocre dress look sexy..

and methinks the Balenciaga shoes look pretty interesting!!!

I honestly have no words for this chick… just saw her with long red hair on TV an hour back and now here ma’m is in green.. well  the Valentino trench and Christian Louboutin shoes would look great when worn as seperates but   totally green??? I mean seriously???

Well, which one did you like???

[P.S. all images from vogue magazine]

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11 thoughts on “CELEB WATCH :The Best and Worst this week!!!”

  1. Liked Kate Moss’s look. Salma Hayek’s outfit is making her look shorter and heavier I feel! No comments for last one 😛

  2. i love love love blazers… i keep buying and collecting em… but mumbai weather isnt very forgiving to blazers… so i have to wait till winter or till i got to a hill station to wear em 😐
    earlier used to wear em for my presentations…

  3. Gagaaaaaaaaaa – aiyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…but ya this is really one of her more “normal” looks 😀 😀 Love the other two 🙂

  4. Me tooo loved the pants 🙂 they are on my wishlist now … yayyy ayyyy

    @Ankita – yeahhh she looks all tired tired naa..

    @Neha – even I love blazers and cant wait to add one in my collection.. I have one blazer-like shrug though…

    @Rads – lets just not talk about gaga *gags*

  5. Love Kate’s outfit and totally agree with Ankita on Salma Hayek’s dress.

    Gaga is as always living upto her name and being GAGA 😛

  6. Kate looks effortlessly smart as usual..
    and i think Gaga is so much fun! what an entertainer! you just have to look at her!

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