Christina Aguilera inspired EOTD!

Hey babes!!! So monday came again… grrrr… how was ur weekend? Mine
was busy- and  baddd!
So I decided to do a look to get my mind off it!!  hope you all like
it!This look is based on this pic of Christina Aguilera. Minus the

If you zoom on the eyes you will notice she has used a lot of plum and berry shades which is also fall appropriate.. I just love fall and even fall makeup. Its very dark hued and you can experiment with the pinks, browns, plums etc…
I used these colors from this kit I got from ULTA
The final look which I created was:
Lets break up the look!!!!
In the above kit Ive marked shadow no1.. I used it on the entire lid.
Its a cranberry-plum kinda shade- very fall appropriate 😀
Next apply a purplish brown shade on your crease… just define the crease.
I took it a little beyond the eye to give it  a winged look and brought it down to where the eye connects. Like so-
Apply a light highlighter shade in the inner corners of the eye and on the high point under your eyebrows.
Apply a black pencil eyeliner very close to the lashes and smudge it to give it a soft smokey look.
Curl your lashes and apply Mascara. and youre done!!!
Apply a pink blush and a light pink lip gloss and youre done!!! you can apply the blue blob of color like she did but I escaped that! and the tan… wowww!
Hope you all liked the look and I know the colors might differ a bit as the products and lights differ and My pics are not photoshopped :P:P:P:PUntil later chicas,

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