Coral crush & yummy shoes! [A teeny tiny haul]

Happy monday ladies…. well, monday sucks!!! I didn’t got up so late  today so everything is getting delayed! Mondays suck… right??? LOL

This weekend out of the blue hubby decided to take me to dolphin mall for a movie…  which I’m sure he’ll never do again … hahahha
We went to see the hunger games but the shows were all sold out so we went to get me some stuff… and this is what we got 🙂

I always wanted to have a coral dress and I really liked this one at Forever 21 🙂  I also styled an ensemble on polyvore HERE.
I would love to style this with a turquoise or mint belt and a statement neck peice…

Coral dress from Forever 21
Coral dress from Forever 21

and  a summer cardigan which also is a bit neon-coral. Also from forever 21 🙂

Coral cardigan from Forever 21
Coral cardigan from Forever 21

And this off-the shoulder animal print tunic from the Jennifer Lopez line at Kohls..
And the star of the show… my Lucky brand sandals…. Ahhhh. We actually went there to get a pair of jeans since all my jeans have frayed or torn at ends. I need to do a little spring cleaning I guess… but I saw these sandals and it was lust at 1st sight!!! seriously!
I tried to be a little stingy and was not going to get them because they are super expensive 🙁 but I wore them and was walking down the aisles..  but we both liked them so much that in the end we  got the shoes and skipped the jeans 😉 [We eventually did get a pair at Levis 😉 ]

hope you liked my little shopping and you guys can  help me style them  or suggest something that goes with them 🙂 I wanna get a turquoise/minty belt next 🙂

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28 thoughts on “Coral crush & yummy shoes! [A teeny tiny haul]”

  1. Beenudi he kaay ahe.. wowiieee.. it’s raining corals… loved the dress Bee nd we want a OOTD pic coming up soon with those lovely heels

    1. Thankoooo Diptadeeee I wanted to show wearing only but pata nii woh din kab aayega.. so I showed like this 1st/.. will pakka do an FOTD soonest!!

  2. i just saw Rati’s grocer shopping, and nw ur mini haul..
    I died 🙁 .. seriously , tht shoes are to die for… loved everythng..
    Enjoy :*

  3. OMGGGG bee! I want that coral dress and those shoes are gorrrgg.. i like such thick heels. they make life super easy. That dress stole the show. now wear it fast fast. mwwahhhh :-*

    1. me too me tooo… I can never carry pointy heels 🙂 and I was going to wear them and click piccys but I was so anxious to show it to u I posted aiwehi 😛

  4. Isimplylovemakeup

    Beeeennnnsss superb shopping!!!! loved loved loved the coral dress and the summer cardigan… the color is sooo pretty 🙂 and the footwear so HAWT!!!!!!

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