CREA CLIP Review and My haircut!!!

Hey girlie gals… and some guys…. how’s the weekend going???? hubby has to work today to *sob sob* so I’m spending time with you guys… This actually is a long pending review..

So tell me , how many of you get miffed taking appointments with hair stylists, go there, try your best to explain what you want – in the end only to find that your money +tip has gone in the drain (along with your hair). I know that cutting hair is an art and I truly respect hair stylists… but in the last 1 year i dreaded cutting my hair and avoided it only for these reasons… as other DIY things that I do- I really wished if I could cut or at least could trim my own hair. And then one day I saw CREA CLIP on a blog.


I was immediately impressed and thought this might be a wise investment for girls like me who’d like not to spend so much on a hiarcut!!! (okkk call me thrifty :P:P:P)
My bro and my hubby teased me a lot when they saw the package… saying that I’ll ruin my hair and the hairstylist will take double the money fixing it!!! (ok- they are still laughing!!!)

As you see in the pics- the package has 2 clips one bigger for the mane and a smaller one to cut bangs or smaller sections of hair.  The clips have teeth or grooves in them so to maintain a grip while you cut your hair and also a clasp to fix the clip to get a clean cut.  also, there is a lever-like attachment at the center to level the clip on your hair so that a symmetry and a level is maintained.

So these are my hair before cutting – they were totally messed up

I was going to make a video for this one but I wanted to show you guys a full fledged haircut and not just trimming of 2 inch hair like I saw in some of the video reviews.

So I fixed the clip in my hair to the length I wanted. I started with a small section of the hair and then cut some more…  like so :

And then started cutting along the edges… you can get a layered look or a simple cut using either side of the clip…. At first I wanted to clean up the edges and after intermediate cutting it looked like:

As you can see- this still has some rough edges and needed a once over.

then I decided to make some face framing layers

For this I took a section of the hair till behind the ears and fixed the clip… notice the lever bubble is in the center which means the level is correct…  and it came to be:

Basically the trick here is: you take sections of hair and then attach them to the clip and cut as desired. but its not that easy as it sounds- mistakes can be done easily here.. So I’d recomend if you try smaller and easier sections first and then with practice you can  cut perfect sharp layers and even EMO hiarstyles 😉

So after I washed and conditioned my hair the final haircut is:

Ive clicked these pics directly after shower and as you can see- I’m still in my bath robe and no make-up on.. (Please ignore my dark circles- we have a long affair!)

For the first time that I tried something like this I’d say I’m pretty happy with the results.. I will not say I’m stunned or fake praise it… It could still be better with practice… and Image what magic will a pro do with this 😉

With what reviews I saw – straight hair can easily be styled with this so that is something to be taken care of..  since I’m wavy haired.

This tool is the creation of Mai Lieu and is finalist for the “best new product of the year”. It costs about $29.99 and I will say again that it is the best investment! you can check out the site Here.   for any queries you can check their FACEBOOK page and Mai will be happy to address your queries as she did mine..

I’m still contemplating doing a layered haircut video and I might do it when I cut my hair the next time. till then adios amigos 🙂

And do let me know if you have any tips or tricks for a nice haircut 😉

[P.S. I wasnt paid to write this review and it is my honest opinion. there is not enough money in this world to make me ruin my hair ;)]

UPDATE:  I’m getting many comments stating how “wrongly” I’ve used the clip and how I should straighten my hair -like, poker straight! and a lot of rudeness too.. I just have to say, every hair texture id different and the beauty of this clip is.. you can adjust it the way you want your hair to be cut.  I have cut my hair with this at least 3 times from the time I first got it and I have no complaints.   I don’t always go by the rules 🙂


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21 thoughts on “CREA CLIP Review and My haircut!!!”

  1. Oh wow cool!! I’ve done this before. Literally I got to the salon parking lot and was like…this isn’t what I wanted so let me go back in and tell her what I want. I mean it’s our money, we should be getting the look we want right?

    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  2. this works nice wat I think is if some one else does it..its more comfy..n if u do it for some one else..a lil tricky doin it own…

  3. Beeniiiii..I love your before hair….:((…..your hair before you cut is to-die-for………:((….after I had a bad hair cut with a chinese hair cut recently, even I am scared of getting my chopped…………….

  4. hey beeni….u have lovely hair… have o use of this wonderful contraption since am hairless….:((((((wish i could use it as welll

  5. Bee your hair is so nice and glosssy! I’ve not taken a haircut since I got them straightened..which ws like 6 months back 😛 Crea clip sounds a little tricky to do on your own!

    1. @Jomo, Shivani, Ankita , suma and Kuheli — My hair only behaves well rarely 🙁 baaki time they have a mind of their own :(( I had to trim them waise bhi so….. next time I hope I cut better 😉

  6. Just a note… you clipped your creaclip the wrong way which is probably why your hair had no shape after cutting. the U is supposed to face down, not up like you did, with the higher points pointing upwards so that it cuts a nice gradual U shape in your hair.

    1. I agree. The clip should hang like a “smile” not a “frown”. It was used upside down…not a professional like result if used upside down…

  7. Looks like you placed the creaclip upside down on you hair. I believe you are supposed to trim a U shape not an n shape!

  8. Hi Beena, first of all I love your hair! It has beautuful movement and an incredible shine! So nice. Now I xan tell you I tried to cut my hair, which is sort of curly, and for practical reasons , I found it easier to straighen it before, brcause it brings it all at the same length and makes the think just a bit easier! After the cut you can wash it again and get it back to natural 😉

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