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Hello everyone! I am back with the first  edition of my Beauty Wishlists. These are products that I’ve read up on and have really wanted to try recently. Some of the products I might be never be brave enough to take the plunge as they are very price-heavy. But the rest are very inexpensive and will be adding to my list once I’ve taken myself off my spending ban (I’ve spent a ton on something I tried unsuccessfully and now I am on a ban) I really want to try the Loreal Pore vanisher as I’ve heard nothing but good reviews about it. As for the Origins under eye cream, I have a mini of this and it’s absolutely amazing! Also, I want to try a Peachy Coral blush and the new Clinique pops look so cute 🙂  The new Hourglass blushes are just so sexy but I’m sure I can’t afford them ATM.  BB creams for eyes are going to be huge in 2014 so I wanna try the Smashbox one! let’s hope it is good enough for my dark circles.  I have always wanted a foundation that does not have SPF and this one just seems a great fit for my oily skin too. And lastly, for some reason, the Physician’s formula bronzers always look so inviting- this time I might get one of them 😉
I added the new Bobbi Brown Mahogany just coz I’m on a brown liner kick these days.
What do you think? what’s in your wishlist?
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