DAy 4 : 10 Day YOU challenge : Post 3 and 4: eight fears and Seven Wants

Hey Pallies, how’s the week coming on for you???  I’ve reached the mid of my book “rage of angels ” and I’m happy coz my speed is back!!!!  lets  Just hope I attain the same speed with my studies too.. heheheh.   BTw- I’m thinking of reading “The secret” again!!  That is one self-help book I really love. Otherwise I’m not into self-help books at all!!! more on that later 😉

I’m combining Post 3 and 4 together because Post 3 mentions 8 fears but honestly speaking – I’ve got a million fears and all of them come to only one point – my weight!!! yup, that’s right.   Actually its controllable but I’ve been insulted and mocked because of it sooo many times that  I sometimes get nightmares that someday I’ll get so fat that nobody would want to speak to me!!!  heheheheh I know that’s funny   but this is my biggest pet peeve!!!

Post 4 says 7 Wants

1) I want to go to a picnic… and a proper picnic- with a basket full of sandwiches and a backpack and to a nice sea world type place or to a beach!!!  [someone give a hint to hubby dear ;)]

2) I want 2 days where I can live just like how I was in Pune…. If you guys knew me while I was in Pune.. Id throw my bag as  soon as I got home and then for an hour I went in total trance— phone and everything switched off!!!    I did some more things too but thats for later 😉

3) Revamp my wardrobe : I mean totally revamp… not just add/subtract from them…  give these clothes away and get totally new, swanky clothes….  there will be sections: monochromes, colors, snug jeans, leggings, wedges, some dresses, flowy tops etc etc 😀 Ohhhh and lots of hoops!!!

4) I want my old self back…. The one where I didn’t care what anyone thought and I called a spade a spade!!!   these days for some reason every second thing goes to my heart!!! Thats BADDD!!!

5) I want to get my body back tooo….. and I’m trying to get there 😉

6) I want to go on that small island-like thingy I’m seeing from my balcony…. its raining and its oh-sooooo romantic!!!

7) A robot like Richie Rich’s Irona to take care of all the housework. We should let the pros do what they do best right Preeti???

hope you are liking this segment!!!



7 thoughts on “DAy 4 : 10 Day YOU challenge : Post 3 and 4: eight fears and Seven Wants”

  1. Oh I want a proper picnic with sandwiches too!! My biggest fear – am very scared of closed, dark places…no like at all 😐

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