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Easy Moving Solutions In North Ohio With Bearded Brothers.

For those that are constantly moving, you might be a pro but for those who haven’t moved a lot, there are some easy tips to help you move with ease and efficiency.  What are these little secrets? I’ll share some below!

Organize you move early

It is so crucial to plan this through. From my personal experience, you usually have about 4-6 weeks (hopefully even longer) to plan accordingly. With planning, it will make your move so much easier and organized for your moving day. This also helps you decide on what you need to do each weekend. Plan out room by room for an hour to figure out what you should keep, donate or sell. Create piles or use boxes to help keep everything in their own location and label them. 

Bearded Brothers

Pack in advance

To stay organized, I recommend packing in advance. Get you boxes, tape, and labels set up. I also recommend sharpies to label and bubble-wrap! Even if it’s just a few boxes a day. This will help ease the stress of an already stressful situation. If you aren’t sure where to find any boxes, ask around to family, friendsor neighbors. Sometimes your local  grocery store can offer you boxes that they are not using. If you shop at a local Costco or Sam’s Club, they always have huge boxes to help put in your item so you could use those as well. 

Pack by room and then by season

Packing can seem to be such a daunting task. However, when you start, it gets easier. I like to start packing room by room. For example, in my bedroom. I start with my closet. Then I group my clothes by season. I pack all my winter clothes (sweaters, jackets, long sleeves) together. Keeping like minded items together, either by season or by color will also make it easier for you to unpack everything once you get into your new place. Your items will already be in an order for you to take out of the box and hang up neatly in their new home. 

Bearded Brothers

Donate your clothes

While packing, I realized there were soooo many items I did not need. I donated them to local shelters and this helped me declutter and bring unneeded items to my new home. I also


Arrange professional movers

I wish I told myself this earlier. Unless you have friends that have a truck and are willing to give many hours of their day, I highly recommend hiring professional movers. You did all that hard work packing, hire a professional to help you move. I recommend Bearded Brothers Moving Group. Moving is never fun, but they are a well-equipped company to handle your move. Not only do they offer moving services, they even offer packing, home staging, residential relocation and long-distance moving Youngstown, Ohio services. It definitely gave me peace of mind, working with a moving company I could trust.

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Sit back and relax.

Congrats, you did it. Sit back and relax and let the professionals handle the rest of the move. The most tedious task of moving is actually the packing but there are other things that need to get done as well. After you’ve filed paperwork, signed and sealed for your new home and are ready for the new journey to begin, take time to relax and enjoy the last few hours before it begins! 

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