Fall makeup trends: Metallic Silver Smokey eye look!

I just realised Ive been doing less and less of make-up tutorials these days and so decided to go for something that is very IN this season… I’m trying to make a series out of it but for a while I’ll start with the Metallics. This is a metallic silver- smokey eye…. actually I think there may be like a million versions of Smokey eyes involving black but what to do- the thing is quite in vogue… hehehe.. But for my next tutorial I’m planning to experiment a bit – will let you know about it soon 😉 ;)So for this look Ive used 4 colors: Silver, Metallic Gray, pearly white(highlight) and black(liner)  the first row from this kit.

1) Prep and prime your eyes – I’m using Nyx eyeshadow base.2) Take a deep black eyeliner and line ur eyes closest to the lash line but very dark and wing it a bit beyond  the eye and bring it in till the ? of the eye – like so:
(Don’t worry if its a bit messy) Now smudge the eyeliner

3) Take a metallic gray eyeshadow (shimmer or no shimmer) and apply it over the smudged eyeliner exactly on the lash line and the outer 2/3d of the eye. Bring it just above the crease.

4) Now take a metallic silver (shimmery)  and apply it on the inner ? of the eye blending it with the gray shadow… Bring it just above the crease.  Like so:

5) Apply a black eyeliner on the lower water-line and on the lash line apply the gray eyeshadow used earlier.  I’ve used Kat Von d eyeliner.
6) Take a pearly white eyeshadow and apply it on the highest point of your brow bone and also on the inner tear duct of the eye – this highlights the eyes.7) Apply a black liquid liner very this and close to the lash line and take the end towards the wing we created before .

8) Curl your lashes and apply Mascara… IMO- A Mascara is a must in case of smokey eyes because sometimes too much depth can cause the eyes to appear close- a Mascara makes them appear more opened – you know what I mean?

9) Apply a great but a bit low-stated lipstick of your choice…  I applied Revlon Colorburst lipstick Carnation topped with  Revlon colorburst Lipgloss Crystal Lilac 🙂
And we’re done. Hope you liked the look!!
And now I’ve to attend to a yummylicious cuppa Coffee  So Adios babes!!!
TTY soon!
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