Friday fun : Dramatic eyes in 2 minutes!

Hey guys… hope you all are having a great week. Friday has always been my fav day of the week for some reason. I don’t know why! maybe the whole welcoming weekend thing!  So I thought I’d start a new feature which would be more fun and easily do-able! It might be makeup, cooking, skincare, cleaning- anything!!!

Today’s fun thing is a dramatic eye in 2 mins using minimal products. Believe it or not, I got this inspiration from Aishwarya Rai & Bipasha Basu… yup! She has this look in her traditional attires always where she is heavily lined but somehow in her close ups it looks really soft and that gives a nice look as opposed to the harsh lined look some actresses wear! Also, Bipasha Basu in Race *drool*

bips aish

 I did It something like this :


Step 1 : Do your basic prep. Brows, concealer, shadows etc [I’ve skipped most of that here ;)]

Step 2 : tight-line your eyes – this makes the lashes look fabulous [most times, I survive with just this step]


Step 3: Apply a line of your fav color in the 1st half of your lid, I’ve applied forest green.


Step 4: Apply a deep black or blue on the outer half. Wing it of you like!


Step 5 : Take a black eyeshadow on any liner brush/smudger brush. I’m using a flat push brush  and start pushing over the lines and slightly smudging it. you can do the same thing on the Lower lash-line.


IMG_0827 IMG_0826 IMG_0829



Step 6 : Apply mascara [optional] and done!


Products used :


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