GhostZip Fashion Bag review & styling!

I don’t really have much knowledge about styling and fashion predictions but one thing I really believe in : a trendy bag can take any outfit from drab to fab in seconds. No wonder ladies invest in such expensive brand name handbags & purses. I have yet to “invest” but I regularly get cute, unique stuff from lesser known shops!
When GhostZip got in touch with me I was kinda intrigued by the whole idea : “A giant Zip which zips up to become a bag” I knew I had to try.
Now GhostZip has finally arrived in the United States and has chosen Ana Rodriguez as the testimonial of their American campaign. She was Miss Texas in 2011 and 3rd runner-up to Miss USA 2011. Ana is sure the GhostZip bags will be a tremendous success here. She states: “They make a fantastic gift idea… an unzipped GHOSTZIP turning into a bag always brings a smile. They are so beautifully and cleverly designed and the range of colors perfectly matches with the new trends”.
The exclusive sales point for all GhostZIp USA will be online with Blomming as their ecommerce partner. So don’t miss it: visit their shop here!
My experience : The bag I received was a cute wristlet And I’d like to show you the piccys 1st.
GhostZip Fashion Bag review
GhostZip Fashion Bag review
GhostZip Fashion Bag review
GhostZip Fashion Bag review
GhostZip Fashion Bag review
GhostZip Fashion Bag review
GhostZip Fashion Bag review
GhostZip Fashion Bag review
The quality is sturdy & I mostly use it to pub nights or walks with nothing in mind, where I want to carry just some money, cards & maybe a lipgloss. The have bigger bags too if you go check their site. I will definitely be ordering more from them 🙂 I also liked that it unzips all the way & I tried wearing it as arm candy too!
I wanted to show you some outfits on which I can style this bag. Hope you guys like them! not showing my personal picccys because I’m going through some health issues & skin havocs!

A nice Formal attire:

fall 2013

And a Casual one :

fall 2013 -2

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  1. I love how small and practical it is! I definitely need a little bag like this as I’m always leaving the house just with my card and keys on hand! haha Thanks for sharing! x

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