Golden eye Aka EOTD with gold pigment!

Today I decided to play with my gold pigment a little bit. Also, since a lot of girls are doing bridals, I thought I’d do something for the bridesmaids.. hehehe  This is the Indian version though. Here in US, this look would most likely go with cocktail dresses & tons of bling in an upscale pub. In India & middle east, relatives can wear it for weddings & receptions… as for me, I wore it while doing laundry today!!!

Smoky eye with Gold pigment
Smoky eye with Gold pigment

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  1.  Prep your eyes with primer or concealer.
  2.  Apply a jet black liner pencil like shown.
  3.  Take a black eyeshadow on a pencil brush & start blending. It’s ok if it’s a little messy.
  4. & 5.  Take a bronzy shade (shown below) on a buffing brush & start blending from outer to inner crease. blend well as to marry the shades.
  5.  Take a nice metallic brown & place it on the lid. just pack it off with as much intesity as you want.
  6.  Take a Golden Pigment (shown below) & start packing it over the brown shadow on the lid.  I used a wet brush for it.
  7. Apply eyeliner, curl your lashes & apply a dramatic mascara/ false lashes.

The main products for this look:

Loreal bronze taupe
Loreal bronze taupe
MAC lemon gold pigment
MAC lemon gold pigment

TIP : In place of gold, if you use a neutral shade or a pearly white, it will be mellowed down for a casual look 🙂

I also thought of using a strawberry kinda lips to go with this look as opposed to the usual n*de just to have some fun. A brown lip would also look fab with it IMO.

Strawberry red lips
Strawberry red lips

I always want to make my eyes look bigger & more open.  I think I achieved it here : do you think so? Hope you all liked it! do let me know what would you wear it with in the comments below!

[P.S  just saw- this is really similar to the look JASON WU did in New your fashion week!!!  hell yeah!!!!]

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      1. ah…pretty welll…still recovering from my throat infection 🙂
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