Halloween Wildcat look!

Hey my pretty gals, Its friday – my fav day of the week!!! yayyy so, what are you guys planning for the weekend??? Β And what are you dressing up as for halloween? We were supposed to go to Tampa for the famous Ybor fest but had to cancel due to the weather conditions…
Yesterday evening I was pretty bored and after dinner (at around 11pm) something just snapped and I thought of doing this look…. Β and my hubby was totally bonkers as he saw me suddenly going in my make up corner and whipping out things and starting to paint my face…. LOL

Giving you a detailed breakdown of the look- hope you all like it!

Warning: Pic heavy post πŸ˜‰

1) Applied foundation – I used Revlon colorstay.
2) Apply a brown face paint/ gel liner / wet shadow on the area you want to work on- I applied Stila smudge pot in a brown/bronze shade. (I know it looks like mud as of now)

3) Apply a deep brown eyeshadow on the covered area for added depth. You can also apply highlight shade if you want.
4) Now start applying semicircles facing each other randomly all over the face. I have applied with bigger deeper strokes just so they can be visible on camera. you can apply thin, small circles too. Β I used the stila gel liner in black for this…. you can use any black eyeliner.
5) Apply a cat eye kinds liner on your upper and lower lashline… darken it so that it peeks through the brown. I also put fake eyelashes for the added drama.
6) Β Now apply the added effects with the eyeliner- Nose, whiskers, the small dots around the whiskers etc πŸ™‚

7) I Concealed my lips using a concealer and applied Mac nightmoth lipliner just in the middle topped with a nude lipgloss. I was trying to do a heart shape but it kinda messed up.. hehehhe
8) I teased my crown hair to look like a messy mane πŸ™‚

9) And done πŸ™‚
These are some of my funny trying-to-act-fierce looks!!!
I used these products :

Hope you liked my quick halloween look!!! Do comment below if you have any feedback or suggestion…toodles!~

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31 thoughts on “Halloween Wildcat look!”

  1. I guess it was’nt easy to create and pull off this look-but its wonderful how it finally came out to be ! really appreciable Beena !!!! want more of these!

  2. Sharmistha Mohapatra

    Hey the look is awesome and you made it sound so easy.. keep the good work telling us ignorant folks how to be creative in the make room.. kudos dearie πŸ™‚

  3. U r so creative and imaginary …. This look is awsome !!
    Wow .. im totally loving the way you have portrayed it ..

  4. OMGGGG Bee! this is like one of the best looks I have come across for halooween. Is awesome , adorable and sexy. excellent job!! :

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