Hassle free summer outfit ideas!

Hey everyone, I just got back from a wonderful vacation & I’m a bit sunburned so not doing the usual stuff for a while. So I thought why not do outfit sets to help my readers  for their vacays or brunch.

I created 2 outfits apt for a daytime movie date/brunch/movies-with-the-girls kinds.


Which one do you like better? I tried to keep them wearable  & at the same time, these cuts & colors are widely available on all shopping sites so you can get them irrespective of the country 🙂
These days I’m doing a lot of online shopping & Also gifting stuff to my family back in India. I came across this wonderful site  called : CUPONATION.IN  and they got a ton of fabulous offers & coupon codes to fancy every whim.
Definitely check them out 🙂
à bientôt!!!!

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