I should’ve done it before…….

Have you ever done something and felt like you should’ve done it long time back???  these days I feel that a lot….   July is a very special month for me since it’s my birth month but July has always been unlucky for me. but that’s for another day!

Today I want to discuss something which I was contemplating a long time back but didn’t have guts to do… MAking videos!   If I tell you that I made one for my last birthday and deleted it because I chickened out what would you tell me?  yup!

I’m saying all this now because I’ve finally taken that step & started doing those…..  today I was getting ready quickly and decided to  do a 15 second thing…..   watch and and let me know what do you think 😉

Btw- Angelina Jolie wears this kinda tiny wing a lot in her movies 😉

Also,  I’ve being very very  attentive to my eyebrows lately. Coz I’ve noticed once my brows were in place, I don’t have to do anything much!   Thats so much to the Anastasia team for teaching me brow basics & how to handle boo-boos.  That was basically my first time where I edited a video and felt so good about it…..


So tell me….. should I continue with this or should I just stick to my writing???

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12 thoughts on “I should’ve done it before…….”

  1. woah! i todayy enjoyed the video! she did sucha good job na! and ur looking sooo pretty! please share which lippie blush and foundation!

    that highlighter was super nice ya.. not very aparently visible. just did its job well and goes underground ;P if u know what i mean! lol

      1. Oh wow Nehi thanks so much… She really changed my views abt eyebrows.. The foundation I wore was loreal lumi and lippie was covergirl… Both i reviewed here.
        And the blush was Nars orgasm – the SA applied it there on me. Now i think I should buy it :))

  2. I think you should go for it with the videos. I also chickened out a while back but it’s a challenge I’m willing to give myself. And there’s the added beauty of switching it up you can do a video or blog post…whichever suits the need or time allows for.

    1. Thank you so much Jessica… I really needed the boost 😉 btw, loving ur blog so much. The new box service feels fab :))

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  4. Dawn Gibson-Thigpen

    oh wow Bee. Yeah vids can be intimidating, but you were awesome! Keep pushing it. I want to start doing them also, as far as the fashion side..You motivated me. hehe! You go girl!

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