IMBB beauties- you’re tagged!!! ;)

Thanks to a dear friend and fellow-blogger for this tag 🙂 I just read it on another blog then found out I got the tag!
The rules are simple, list your most worn:
1) Lipstick/Gloss
2) Earrings
3) Shirt
4) Nail polish
5) Shoes
6) Hair product
7) Perfume
8) Handbag/Purse
You then tag five people to do the tag also and let them know on their blog.
I anticipated this to be quite easy… not so.

So my most worn list comprises of:

1)  Lipstick/Gloss : lipstick- CARNATION from Revlon colorburst.
lipgloss- raisin glaze from revlon superlustrous   and  glamour from smashbox.
2)  Earrings : my fav silver hoops. I mustve had like hundreds of those. I just ordered once again                  yesterday coz my pair got oxidized 🙁
3)  Shirt :  for casuals I dont really have any fav – I literally wear whatever I get hold of..
For a formal do- mostly black!
4)  Nail polish: Clear base coat from Sally hansen. dats the 1st thing which comes to my mind when not      using color.
5)  Shoes :  In winters – my ankle length boots
in summers – mostly flip flops
but my favs still remain the black ballet flats- bachpan se I’m loving those and my hubby is                             not letting me get those now precisely for the same reason..LMAO
6)  Hair product : Garnier fructis’ sleek and shine anti-frizz serum. I swear by this. 🙂 m not such a grt fan   of hair-sprays though.
7)  Perfume : sunflower by elizabeth arden….  &  Incanto heaven by salvatore ferragamo..
8)  Handbag/Purse : Back home in India  had  a cool collection. but now I use this one brown hobo I           have. very convenient 🙂
Hope u liked it. I’m tagging all the fellow- IMBB-ians and other frnds tooo…  You can either comment below with ur answers or make  a post about it. would love to see your most worns.
till then— toodles!
well, since this post was pictureless, let me share with u one of my most favourite and most watched videos:


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8 thoughts on “IMBB beauties- you’re tagged!!! ;)”

  1. I’ll do the tag right away. :))

    1) Lipstick/Gloss : MAC Cosmo Lipstick/ Chanel Pink teaser Glossimer
    2) Earrings : I just like to keep changing my earrings all the time but basic silver loops is something I have been buying all my life.
    3) Shirt : Plain Crisp white shirt for summer always.
    4) Nail polish : I wear Black Nail paints a lot.
    5) Shoes : Ballerinas
    6) Hair product : I think Fab India protein hair conditioner.
    7) Perfume : Estee Lauder Pure White linen atm
    ! 😉 Handbag/Purse : My Black benetton bag- I want to use it forever

    Thakoo for the tag. :)) Did any tag after a long time. ENjoyed it. :*

  2. Hi beeeee!!! I dunno abt the tag..but it seemed like here it is
    1) Lipstick/Gloss – I m lovin Lancome la absolu creme de Brillance rose mythique and hav not touched ene othr gloss since i purchsed this..
    2) Earrings – a pair of basic one pearl earring…
    3) Shirt – A checked shirt frm Scullers is the one i reach for the most
    4) Nail polish – Clear nail polish frm Lakme…
    5) Shoes – I love this simple pair of red chappals that i have frm Lotto…sasta and tilkau..its awesum for my loong shoppin trips…
    6) Hair product – Sunsilk black shine shampoo
    7) Perfume – hehe not that much into them but for daily use i reach for adidas th most…
    Handbag/Purse – Nolan frm Hidesign and a red Jhola i got on my trip to Goa

  3. he he he Beeee..I’ve never been tagged before!! lol thanksss for the opportunity!! 😀 I’ll post here:

    1) Lipstick/Gloss: Revlon Peach/Lakme Aquashine
    2) Earrings: I usually keep on changing but currently wearing heart shaped diamond studs.
    3) Shirt: Baloooooooooo.. he he he
    4) Nail polish: Streetwear – Rose
    5) Shoes: Catwalk sandals
    6) Hair product: Hair and Care Silk n shine serum, Dove hair spray
    7) Perfume: Noa by Cacharel
    8) Handbag/Purse: Marc Picard!!

    It was soooper fun!! 😀 thanks againnnnnnnnnn

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