Just for laughs!!!!

So the weekend went in running errands and doing some other work and not enjoying.. grrrrrrrrrrr… I so want to dress up and wear my new shoes and go freak out someplace… I need to find some blogger friends in miami!!!!

BTW- I happened to find this video in one of my blogger friend‘s post and I was laughing soooo bad that it hurt and my eyes were all watery,…  I just HAD to HAD TO share it here… I know I’m risking this big time as now my followers will think I’m all nuts…



Please do not leave my blog……  buhahahhhahahhahahaha

I’m still cracking up!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Just for laughs!!!!”

  1. haha This one is hilarious! Hail Wilbur! 😀 BTW, I joined this networked blogs stuff only because of you!:P Lot of work for lazy me! 😛

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