Kardashian sisters pose topless for a denim line.

They DO know how to keep the media floating right????

“Our Kardashian Kollection for Sears denim line is officially here!!” Kim Kardashian tweeted.

And to sell it, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney all posed topless.

“Keeping it simple,” wroteKim, explaining, “I’m wearing The Kim, which is a sexy, low cut, straight leg jean. Then Kourtney is wearing The Kourtney, a gorgeous skinny leg jean, and Khloe is wearing The Khloe, a tall curvy, high rise, boot cut!!”

Kim added, “Shoots with my sisters are the best!! Xo”.

The Kardashian Kollection will launch in about four weeks.

My opinion: well, strategically placed arms and giving peek-a-boo poses are so passe. I dont find anything exciting in this pic, other than the people who photoshopped it 🙂 But then anything having a Kardashian name slapped to it has a lot of media footage. So with time lets see if this is just another denim 🙂

what do you guys think? HOT? OR NOT?

P.S: Pic and news courtesy Google uncle:)


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5 thoughts on “Kardashian sisters pose topless for a denim line.”

  1. Isimplylovemakeup

    dude are they really soooo “chikna” and flawless skinned??? and no ounce of flab… photoshop chacha ki jai ho 😛 i was expecting at least a lil flab on Kourtney.. wait Kourtney is the fat or is it Khloe? am i being a b*tch here? 😛

    1. Nooo they are the B*tches.. LOL
      Khloe is the giant.. and she really IS a giant.. these pics are heavily photoshopped… Im doubting whether its really them or just their faces and some1 else’s bodies.. hahahhaha

  2. khloe looks the best.. kim doesn’t look real at all.. it feels like the face is just placed on her body in that pic!

  3. Holly Mackenzie Cupp

    the jeans look cute but I wonder how well they’re actually made. I’m not sure what’s wrong with your comments mamas but the same pictures are showing up for all of them. but hey at least I can comment this time! =) I’m not a fan of overly photo-shopped advertisements, customers deserve to see what they’re paying for not an image nobody can live up to including the model.



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