Kat Dennings Inspired makeup and LOTD!

Heyy beauties… Sorry for being MIA again – was down with cold and FLu and no energy to even get up and cook 🙁
So I created this look last week but   was damn sick so uploading it today…  These days I feel that all the series have lost their charm…  I only wait to see The big bang theory and  2Broke Girls….   2BG started out a bit run-of-the-mill, but I was kinda hooked by the time the 1st episode ended… I also loved the chemistry these 2 girls have 🙂
KAT Dennnings is surely my gal-crush these days.. she is very practical- yet kind- street smart and a very fun chick in the show.  I wish I was like that when I was in college…. lol
I also am surprised how much she resembles a very popular Indian actress Madhuri Dixit   so much… as in – really really so much!!!!
Few people know that Kat has been featured in  some of the movies like thor , house bunny and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. She seems someone who would be fun to be friends with- don you think so??? also she was a blogger/vlogger before  she started acting.. so there is a bond 😉
If you notice Kat , she has a Signature RED LIP. Her sleepy eyes with the strong defined brow, the lips that don’t really have a cupid’s bow but are certainly full, and her easy hair. she looks very very effortless but we know how much effort that takes 😉 😉
Also, she is not conventionally “hollywood” she has a full figure and she doesnt even seem Diva-esque 🙂
I was inspired by this look :

Step 1: start with a soft light layer of foundation to give the appearance of clear even skin.  Also, apply a primer on your eyelids.
Step 2:  Take a medium brown eyeshadow and with a pencil brush apply it as a wing on your crease- like so:

Step 3: Blend, Blend and bled some more….

Step 4: If you want ; apply a nude-ish layer of pink or champagne color on your lids. I have skipped this step.
Step 5:  Take a light shade and  apply below the brows and in the inner corner of the eyes.
Step 6:   Take the crease shadow on the pencil brush and apply it on the lower lash-line. Make it meet the winged line on the crease– Like so:
Step 7:  take a  black pencil liner and tight-line the eyes from the inner corner to the outer corner… they should look somewhat like this:
Step 8: Take a liquid/gel liner and apply it on the upper lash-line slightly winging it on the corners. also, curl your lashes and apply Mascara Like so:
You can also apply fake lashes- it struck me now as I’m writing this(Silly me!)

Step 9: Finish with a concealer under the eyes:this is the finished look :
Step 10: You can apply a light blush to keep up with the mellow look: but I used NYX MOCHA as the light was not picking up a light blush.
Step 11: Apply a bright red lippe and youre done…. To get the stained effect I blotted the lipstick with my finger.
Kat Dennings inspired makeup
Kat Dennings inspired makeup
Kat Dennings inspired makeup
Kat Dennings inspired makeup
More FYIs:
1) If you tame down the lipstick you can rock this look during the day.
2) If you darken the eyeliner and wing it more on the inner and outer lids this look can be turned into the one LAdy GAGA is wearing in the Marry the night video.

3) The crease shade can be  blue, green, purple – depending on how you want to experiment 🙂

hope these pointers help you and do let me know if you like the look and if you like Kat Dennings….
BTW- Just saw Gossip girl’s latest episode and my heart is still pounding……  Hope nothing happens to Chuck!!!
P.S.  A special mention to the lipstick. this is the RED I wanted and got after waiting a long time!!!  If you guess what it is you get an instant point in my next giveaway which I’m announcing tomorrow 😀 
hint – this lipstick belongs to a certain must-have brand  😉   
what makeup does kat dennings use?   
Eyeshadow : Kat dennings most has a nice bronzy eyes and a lovely dark winged liner.
Choices : MAC woodwinked, satin taupe, Loreal bronzed taupe, etc
Lipstick : she always wears a lovely deep Scarlet! MAC Ruby Woo, RiRi Woo, etc

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28 thoughts on “Kat Dennings Inspired makeup and LOTD!”

  1. You should be responsible for car crashes and head on collisions if you walk out of home wearing this look!!!! It is drop dead gorgeous Bee!!!!!!!!!-and this is no plastic compliment-I really mean it!!!! I love this Bright red lips look-and its paired beautifully with the minimal but well defined eyes!!!! 3 cheers!!!!!

    1. OMGGGG hugggsss- thanks so much Anu 😀 it feels great 🙂 I was expecting an okay-ish response 😀
      and now you are responsible for me jumping around the house – hehehehe

  2. I was just wathcing 2 broke girls last night ,i only started watching it coz it was by the makers of sex and the city and now I am completely hooked to it !
    I am so much like Max ,cold and insulting..hahaha 😀

    Totally loved the look Bee..you rocked it ! =)

  3. awesome look beenii.. simply loved it and eye makeup is gorgeous… and well the red lippy is just perfect for you!!!! love love love it! 🙂

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