My favorite trends of 2013.

Heyo girlies!!!!  Monday sucks.  So bad that even watching friends doesn’t help. So I decided today I’d ponder on what trends I like in 2013. I thought I’d compile some to share with you & then you can maybe tell me what you like!

I have compiled them in a way that all nationalities & all shapes can relate to them. Let me know which ones you like :

Beachy waves : I don’t have to tell you how this trend is loved worldwide & so damn easy to achieve. 

how to : Just spritz water on your hair, apply a hair serum & scrunch up your hair in a bun or plait. remove after a while & shake up the hair a little and voila!

Poofs : I’m seeing Poofy hair everywhere these days… on the ramps, on the street, discs…. they are everywhere. big hair is da thaang!



 Braids : Braids of all types are seen everywhere. awesome for even unwashed hair. now only if my hair listened to me and stayed in a braid. hehe.


Floral pants : Floral pants in all materials & types are a rage now. Florida is so hot that I just cannot wear anything denim here. Anything light is very welcome

printed-trousers-trends-summer-2013Blousy sheer tops : these spell party & business… the cute blousy tops are very fashionable as well as comfortable for the summer.

 blousey sheer tops

Black & white : this is going to be the most abused trend of 2013. I rest my case.

 black & white prints

Statement shorts : I’m not really comfy wearing shorts nor I have the body for it but I love when others wear them. see these fun pieces :

 printed shorts

Wedge sneakers : somebody listened to me! hehheehe . they have a little wedge to give a tiny elevation & not make one (me) look like a midget. and they go with a lot of clothes so – win win!!!

I still have to get one of these but I like them already

shooz wedge-sneaker-trend-2013 

Flirty eyeliner : So many ways of lining eyes are in trend now. with colors & shapes….  can’t wait to try them all.

 Eyeliner types

Bright lips : If you’ve been here a while you’d know how high I am on this trend. my last few lippies have been all jazzy…


Review :CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipcolor -Spellbound!
Review :CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipcolor -Spellbound!

Bronzed skin : Bronzers are so big this season & even I’ve not been able to resist them. I got one & ordered one more 😉




 [recently I also reviewed a lovely bronzer which doesn’t cost much but is used by a lot of models : HERE]

So which of these trends are your fav? Or which one’s would you like to add to these?

Do let me know in the comments below!!!




[P.S – Images are all from Google. if you want me to credit you, let me know & I’d be happy to do so]

12 thoughts on “My favorite trends of 2013.”

      1. aiyyoo….you didn’t try at the store, or you bought online???? I’m so bored of jeans now, but my conservative-casual dressing doesn’t leave me with too many options..I so want to wear a dress someday, maybe on my 50th birthday I will 😀

        1. actually these days I find dresses so good. they suit all body types. bought them from costco & pati was all “chal chal” so didnt get tiem to try. levi ke hisaab se I got these & they run a size short I guess 🙁

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