My weekend in pictures!

[Warning: Pic heavy post… real heavy!]

Hey girls how was  the weekend going? mine was all crappy. and blahhhh. I absolutely dread the the cramps coz when they come, they wreak HAVOC… and I mean- crappy havoc. Thanks for ruining my weekend chums… grrrrr.
Btw- who saw Madagascar 3??? I absolutely CANNOT stop humming Afro circus…. polka dot.. polka dot…. I wanna move it move it LOL LOL  so the coming weekend is probably going to be a Madagascar marathon 🙂

Have you ever had  one of those days when you want to do something but don’t want to do
anything… every felt that?  well, welcome to my mad world.. heheheheh and since I was in so much pain and all bloated up, I just decided to randomly click piccys. Enjoy!!!

These days I burn so much of these Aromatic candles… just love them 🙂

Cute piggy banks.
Cute piggy banks.

I should get one of these… they might be successful in making me save.. LOL

Saw this super awesome silver cruise passing by… woah! talk about luxury. I won’t be surprised if there’s a Kardashian inside 😉

Kids playing ball just below my aptmt… Sometimes I feel like cheering them..hehhe

when everything else fails… a mask always helps 😉

I still like and trust my Kindle when I want to do some serious reading… contrary to what people may say about multi-function devices,  I trust this for reading with concentration. I would always claim it as One of the best investments. 

Joined Instagram over the weekend… I really can’t seem to figure out what the fuss is all about. It just blurs piccys…. anywhoo, my id is : bniioninsta.

Actually used these 2 babies… and I got them a month back. yes, kick me!


We went on a little walk at the bayside… and this is what I wore…

We went to get a gift for a friend’s bday but M liked the scent of this  a lot… and you’d think I’d say no????  LOL. meet my very 1st Victoria’s secret Angel perfume..  I just cannot stop smelling it… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Angel by Victoria's secret
Angel by Victoria's secret

well, I’m very hungry now so will leave the remaining piccys for another time.. but do let me know if you guys like such posts…. btw- should I make a favourite’s post too????


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12 thoughts on “My weekend in pictures!”

  1. yessss Bee..plz make a favorites’ post…we’d all love reading it…I really like such random posts..they are always so refreshing !! :)) XX
    btw, I’d always prefer chummy cramps to the mad mad PMS :X grrrrr

    1. AB :* I love your comments always 😀 even I thought I’d take a break from the revoos and looks 🙂
      Ahhhh don’t talk abt PMS 🙁 these days I either sleep or read to avoid fighting with my hubby 🙁

  2. wow….liked ur dress so much:) I have never lighted a scented candle before….We cant light any candles i nthis crappy studio flat as every 15 sec, the smoke alarm beeps…. 🙁

    we are all the way getting ready to visit parents….By the end of july, We might go back..:))) happy..happy…

    1. Thanks a lot Renji… oh wow, India sounds great 🙂 even we want to go 😀
      btw- these candles do not emit smoke… my alarm never goes off with these 🙂

  3. Lovely photos Bee. I am loving your outfit, the photos and everything else. Mostly, on realizing the fine weather there, I wish the heatwave here subsided and I slept without AC. 🙁

    Hey, can you review the concealer please? Waiting for the next post now 🙂

    1. Thanks a ton Nivedita 🙂 here also its hot but evenings are fine 🙂
      will surely review the concealer 🙂
      its grt though!

  4. Loved the photos! The playground photo is just awesome!! Hehhee..I loved the VS Angel..and then thought okay…maybe it’s just me..who goes to VS and buys perfumes instead of the ahemmm ahemm things…yayyaaa…now I can say Beeni bought it too 😀

    1. Oh wow! thanks Rads… feels like such an honor 🙂
      I got something Sheeecret too from VS 😉 but everything is so damn expensive :(( this one hubby liked a lot so I got 😉

  5. Loved the pics..especially the cute piggy banks….would love to see your favourites post tooo….:)

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