New Year, New Beginnings!!!

Helloo everyone….. So what did u do on new Years eve???  and what are ur resolutions??? Oh well, Id like to refer them and Goals and not resolutions coz I have a record of always breaking them in the first week itself :((.
The fortnight from 25th Dec to 31st dec was really hectic for me.  We were travelling and packing and moving our furniture and stuff and all this in snow :((  Funny though coz I wanted to see the snow so bad all these years and wen I actually experienced it – well, It was baaaaaaaaaddddddddd. hehehehe
these are the pics I took from my window :

                                                          Click on the pics to enlarge.

   So on 31st we were through and back to the lovely Miami heat. and conveniently slept the whole day. hehehe. But it being 31st didnt want to spoil the eve so we quickly surfed to find out the events and after a lot of Jhol got great seats to the USHER CONCERT…   yayyyyy
We really had a great great time there.. And u know what: As we were running late; I COULD WEAR NO MAKE-UP. NOT EVEN KAJAL. 🙁  And all the gals were soooo well put together… but who cares- My hubby and I had a grt grt time 😀 and thats what matters 😀
This year i thought instead of forcing myself to not eat crap and all that jazz Ive decided to avoid certain foods but other things to eat in small portions. So I wont crave for a muffin  or chips on those certain days ;)\

             And also- Im going to work out regularly and try to induce variety so atleast I wont get bored… hehehe.  And yeahhh: I wont get intimidated by the hotties here.. LOLZZZZzzz

Neways: let me not bore u and tell u one interesting peice of news. RADS from MY WEEKEND RAMBLINGS has announced a lovely contest  where One lucky winner gets these two products – YSL Lip Twins and MAC Paintpot in Constructivist  and a small Fabindia pouch. 
Awesome right???  Well u can click HERE to enter.  Check out the prize pic 🙂

Allright my lovelies – going back to cooking and wishing u all great beginnings and letting bygones be bygones 🙂
Ending this post with a great video- Lets all laugh together….



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