Painting the world Purple!!!! LOTD, FOTD and EOTD!

Hey my girlie gals…. How was ur weekend???  Mine was great.. actually it was a mixed bag!  Ok tell me one thing…  has it ever happened to you that one day you are feeling down in dumps and the next day you do something and strangers complement you and you feel like it is the biggest boost on your confidence?  well it happened to me this weekend  😉 So I’m going to cherish the memories of this one 😀

So- coming to the point – Emily(the hurricane) decided to elude Miami and it was all heated up to 94F and we decided to go mall hopping – just like that 😉 and I’m so proud of myself that in spite of  surrounded by so many cutesy shops and boutiques I did not buy anything *pat on the back*  [well, only because MAC didnt have what I wanted and the INGLOT MUA’s were all snooty :P:P:P]

That day I decided to dress up a bit different than what I normally do. Thank God I am at a place where I can truly experiment with clothes and not be laughed at!


[click to enlarge]

Here I paired purple printed harem pants with a plain black tank top and golden-tank shirt. The accessories are from Kohls and Shoes: Steve Madden.

And here’s the FOTD:

And the EOTD:

And I had the bestest day since I came to Miami 😀   I just realised Ive posted very few make-up and fashion posts these days… DO let me know if you liked this one and if I should put some more…   your feedback is very encouraging 🙂 Also do let me know If I should do a step by step to-do  on the EOTD..

till then, much love 😀

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34 thoughts on “Painting the world Purple!!!! LOTD, FOTD and EOTD!”

  1. super loved ur look…
    and OMG u have a sea facing house….. *drools and dies*
    steve madden shoes are supposed to b dam comfy na…

    1. @Nehaaaaaaa – when I get a comment from you it brings a biiiiiiiiigggg smile!!!! specially fashion related…. I kinda look up to you *huggss*

  2. Great pairing Bee!! Awesome! Those harem pants are so gorgeous! Loved your accessories esp ur sandals! They are ur bday ones right? Your eye makeup looks beautiful- slightly smokey purple- not too heavy for the day time too! Bestest look ever!

    1. @Bhumika- thanks babes!

      @Anks- Yeahhh even I thought that so changed into flats later on!! YOu can see more pics on facebook~ 🙂 but thanks a lot “:D

  3. You really are good at experimenting with your outfits!! And the make is sooo good! I am loving those shoes….
    Thanks for the sweet comments you leave on my blog :))

  4. You look so gorgeous , Bee. :-* I loved the necklace especially. 🙂 I love wearing harem pants at home but never wore them outside. you look so gorgeous. :-*

    1. thank you soooo much Rati dooo…. coming from you this is a huge boost! even I used to wear them at home 1st then I did some himmat to wear outside 😉

  5. Really love your accessories,especially the cute earrings,they remarkably lighten your cool your pretty smiles. charming stares.

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