PURPLE SKY aka purple smoky eye tutorial.

The days it’s raining everywhere…. the sky in the evenings turn mighty purple with shimmering white lightning. It makes me intrigued and afraid.  A lot of things come in my mind – good & bad. happy & sad. reminds me of the batman & the joker. unicorns & stripclub banners (FL is full of them). It’s stormy out and I picked up my brushes without thinking and came up with this…

what do you think????

Purple smoky eye tutorial
Purple smoky eye tutorial
Purple smoky eye tutorial
Purple smoky eye tutorial

Steps :
1) Apply a primer all over your lid.

2) With a black kohl, applied it closest to my lashline & in the crease, connecting it with a V. Used the loreal Kohl reviewed HERE.

3) Took shade 1 from the Palette shown below and applied it in the crease blending the kohl. the Kohl looks like a cut-crease.

4) Blend the heck out of it.  LEt it go lighter or darker depending on how intense you want it.

5) Take shade 2 and apply it on the browbone and inner corner as a highlight.   Also, take shade 3 and apply it all over the lid.

Bee’s tip : If you have hooded eyes , like Me, apply shadows with your eyes open looking straight at the mirror.  trust me – it will change your eye shape for the better 🙂

6)  Apply shade 4 on the lower lashline to deepen it. it’s all about the intensity.

7) & 8) Deepen the kohl all around the eyes and blend it along the lash lines.

9) Just for the sake of it I applied a plum lip gelie on my lips. And a messy side braid.

Products used for this look :  I tried out the L’oreal palette for the 1st time today. it seems impressive- will review it soon!

Purple smoky eye tutorial
Purple smoky eye tutorial


Sooooo, Did you like this look? let me know in the comments below.


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