Quick Fix for Dried Oily Skin (Overnight Treatment)

As we all are seeing that fall is upon us and the weather is comparatively  cooler which is affecting my skin a lot.. It has dried up in some places and is oily in some places.
It also seems that exfoliating & rich moisturizer are not quite quenching my thirsty skin.
So, a friend of mine suggested i use her “Quick Fix method”…I know that some you may already do this, or it’s not a new discovery, but i just thought i would share it with you as it helped me a lot.

You will need:
Bio Oil  (Or Purcellin oil. It’s available in all drugstores. Try Amazon.com If its not available in your city)
– WaterYup, that’s all you need.

What to do:
–  Dampen your face or the area that you wish to hydrate with water (I  do my whole face & neck, there is no harm in doing this).
– Using clean hands, smooth the bio oil all over your damp face. I would suggest you do this when you know you don’t have to be anywhere in the next few hours, as you’re going to look a little sweaty/oily…naturally. So possibly at night, or if you know you’re not going anywhere during the day. Although saying that…i have just done this..and it’s all sunk in after about 30 minutes…my skin is clearly parched!
– That’s all you need to do. The water helps it to sink in much faster than it normally would, and it’s a lot more hydrating. It’s also amazing if you have a lot of blemishes on your skin as the bio oil diminishes them in time. I would also suggest you do this over night as a skin treatment if you’d rather not do it in the day.
IMP:Before you have any doubts – let me be clear that I HAVE AN OILY & ACNE PRONE SKIN. And this is one oil that I have no doubts about. As you can see I have finished almost half of it without any complaints.

Hope this has helped some of you! If you have any questions, do not hesistate to ask. 🙂
Also, If you’d like me to review Bio oil I can happily do so 😀

Have a great evening chicas…
Stay gorgeous 😉 

[P.S : this tip was suggested by a follower but I have tried it for a week before suggesting here. Do let me know if you think it has been from a magazine or some site and I will credit you for this.]

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  3. bio oil hmm!!! I also have it and gave up on using it coz I was too impatient to use it for 3 months minimum and then see the results. But i’ll restart on it now. This gives me some hope.

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