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Heyyy ppl,

I came across while trying to search my diet related queries. I have seen all kinds of informative sites in the past but this came across as a fresh perspective where health is concerned. It covers a vast range of topics right from Flu to dental to melanoma to schizphrenia to basic everyday health questions. you name it – the site has it. To join the site you have 2 options to join it through facebook or twitter. you are then directed to a series of topics which you can add to your list and as I said before the topics cover everything related to health, dieases, prevention etc.the huge number of followers comprise doctors, managers,engineers and also normal people who can ask any question bothering them and the questions will be answered by a panel of experts or they can be discussed by other followers like us. I was having a few doubts of my own regarding body fat, obesity and the likes. I have been visiting the forums frequently for a few days now and a lot of confusion has been cleared now. Im definitely hooked.
sharing the screen look :
Do visit the site and let me know what you think of it.. hope it helps..

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  1. Thanks Beena, for this review. The team at Healthysparx are certainly excited about this site, and hope that others will find it useful and enjoyable!

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