Rimmel London wake me up concealer review,swatches,EOTD!

Happy Friday chicas…. I kinda have a different mood on Friday & surprisingly, want to do everything… On that note, let me share with you my new found favorite brand!

When I first saw Rimmel adverts on TV and mags I thought it’s just another drugstore brand and like Maybelline & L’oreal will be disappointing…   But then I read almost every blogger in UK rave about their products so much that I just had to try it. I got lipsticks, eyeliners, a blush and this concealer.  Read further for my views on the concealer

Rimmel London wake me up concealer
Rimmel London wake me up concealer

The website says :Rimmel’s first full coverage concealer!

  • Instant anti-fatigue effect with peptides and vitamin moisturising complex.

  • Visibly reawakens and illuminates under the eyes.

  • Completely conceals spots and other blemishes.

Cost : $6-9    depending on the are & taxes.

Availability : major drugstores & Asos.com

Rimmel London wake me up concealer
Rimmel London wake me up concealer
Rimmel London wake me up concealer
Rimmel London wake me up concealer


My take on this product: As you know, my love affair with dark circles is not going to end soon enough (damn you late nights!) but I do dabble in under eye gels and these days, concealers! When I got this, I really didn’t expect much… but to my surprise, I really have started liking it & these days, even if I’m not wearing anything else, I’m wearing this!

The packaging is very basic, with a plastic bottle with an Orange top and Doe foot applicator. Applause Rimmel… you put your money on the product rather than the fancy a$$ packages! This makes the application is very easy, even on the go! I apply it with the applicator & just blend with my fingers/sponge/brush depending on the time I have (or don’t have)! The shade I have is light/medium and surprisingly, it’s the perfect salmon for my eyes. [check my pics below and decide for yourself]. It does not dry out in flakes, does not sink in those fine lines and is very creamy & moisturizing!  The max I’ve kept it on me is 6-7hrs and it stayed perfectly without creasing or evaporating so I’m guessing on normal-dry skins it’ll stay much longer!

The only CON I’d mention is : it comes in 5 shades [at least here in US] so very light or very dark skinned beauties may not like it!

Recommend : yup… buy it with closed eyes!

Repurchase : YES!!!! [with a capital Y]  This is a top contender for the HG status!!! I’m also going to buy the foundation next!!

Rimmel London wake me up concealer
Rimmel London wake me up concealer
Rimmel London wake me up concealer
Rimmel London wake me up concealer
Rimmel London wake me up concealer
Rimmel London wake me up concealer

Today’s nuggets:

  • – I’m going to clean my kitchen now with full make-up ON!!!
  • – My Giffu is going back in the box because apparently, he takes up a lot of space [and that is making me very sad]
  • – I had a major setback recently because of my mistakes and that’s why all forms of pleasure are off the table [that means no fancy shopping or nakhras]
  • – I am lusting after a particular MAC LE blush but i’m not going to get it 🙁
  • – For the first time in my life… I don’t feel like listening to music as comfort!

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16 thoughts on “Rimmel London wake me up concealer review,swatches,EOTD!”

  1. i m loving your eye makeup 🙂 aaaawww i hope you are feeling good? what happened? hope things work out fine..tc..lots of hugs n kisses 🙂

  2. awww…cute eyes u have 🙂 miss ubeeni..its a long time we chatted:) I never tried rimmel concealers…Their foundations are awesome:) will try this…which shade do u think suits my NC 44 skin tone

    1. Thanks so much Renjo… yup yea. long time!!! how’s work?
      Even i’ve started liking Rimmel now. For you: take medium deep so it covers & brightens 🙂

      1. Oh is it..its been ages I went there..surely going now.. 🙂 But hardly anyone in India stocks latest Lacquers and all Kate Moss lipsticks 🙁

    1. Ive never used anything inglot. Except a gel liner & eyeshadow n i was not a bit impressed. Especially their muas are so hoity toity. Disgusting…..
      Burgois healthy mix is also good i heard. How did you like the inglot one?

  3. ooohhh it works! like a P.R.O.!!! super… and Beens this might be late, but I totally love your new layout! Its so clean and classy 😀 and yet the hint of orange makes it soooo FUN! ?

    1. Thanks so much hun… Do check it out. Thanks yaa. I still have to make more changes.. More writing area and a decent banner :)) and maybe more readers, heheheh

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