Gals I’m very sad. A few days ago my favorite  top got entangled in my dryer. I wasn’t able to remove it so asked hubby to  help.. He pulled it out with his might and the inevitable happened….. It ripped off *insert boo-hoos here*  It was one of my favs- top list ones and I had great memories with it!!

See what I mean???  I loved it!!  I  also kept the 2 min maun!! actually it was more like a sometime maun :((    Your condolences in the form of chocolates or other goodies will be appreciated (JK!!!)

ANywho- to lighten the mood let me show you something :

These bowls were gifted by my hubby’s friend who visited us from California!!  they are in a set of 3. while clicking this pic I was having cereals in the biggest one 😀

sheer cuteness right????

Hope you are having a great weekend!!! Hubby has promised to take me shopping so I’m kinda going to forgive him!!! and the lower side of the top is ripped so thinking  if I could alter it a bit or give it to the Salvation army….   any suggestions????


Much love!!


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30 thoughts on “SAD DEMISE :(”

  1. sorry to hear about your top, but i’m finding it difficult to concentrate on that part with these cute bunny bowls staring right back at me! how cute are they?! aww… i wanna have my cereal in such a bowl!! 😀

    1. Come here Rima- we’ll have yummy Ice cream in those 😀 I keep staring at them instead of eating… hehehe

  2. Awwww..that was real cuuute top…but these bunny bowls are sooooooooooooooooper cuuuteeeeeeeeeeeeee too Bee!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  3. beeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! My hearty almost skipped a beat seeing the title of your post.. *hunterwali* *smug*

    I can imagine how you must be feeling though. we do get attached to things and especially clothes. *hug*

    I also want those bunny bowls now. super cute. 😛

    1. Louuuu you Rati Dooooo *huggggsss* Thats why I used to even keep my makeup hidden when guests arrive – and I’m thanking the frnd so much for the bowls now- Id never seen ears on bowls.. hehehe

      1. hihihihi me too. I think it’s the ears that make them the most adorable:D i really want to hunt for them now. 😛

        1. hehehehhe – hope you find them soon 😀 and you know I wash them haath se hi- machine mein daalne ko bhi darr lagta hain – even though they are quite thick!

  4. ur title scared meeee!!! phewwww

    i agree with rima its hard to concentrate o the top when the bunny biowl are right there….looking at me be taken away…. i think they need another home bee 😀 😛

    and u look dam cute in the top!! umm actualy its u, ur beauty and warmth that makes things look good.. so forget the top niow..naye aa jayenge… and ur there make other tops look good ^^ 🙂

  5. Wowww See what I did! I made you write such a wonderful post! hehehehe
    Ab meri harkatein globally famous ho rahi hain… :P:P:P

  6. Oh..Bee..I lost one of my favouritest Kurtis recently..I can understand the feeling….may the threads RIP..:-)

  7. Err…hope the top is in a happy place now 😛 😀 😐 Ear bowls from Califorrrrrrnnnnnnniaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..I wanttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!! I go searching right away 😀

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