Hey PPL… hope u all had a grt Diwali. Its still festive time here as Thanksgiving is next week and soon it’ll be Christmas… yaayyyy

I am pretty new to the whole Gourmet cooking thing so i keep experimenting with stuff… thankfully my hubby hasnt fallen sick as yet 😉 😉
Most of u guys love Italian and Thai and also keep munching different types of cuisines And after eating “tadke-wala-orange-colored chinese fried rice” from the neighborhood chinese in mumbai I came up with this idea of Indian-style Pasta with Shrimp or chicken….
Its very very simple and even guys can cook it with ease…. So here we go:
=> take about 10-15 medium sized shrimps and boil them for about 15 mins or until they are tender.
=> Take about 2 cups of pasta (they are available everywhere now) and boil them til they are tender. add a little salt so they dont stick to each other.
=> while they are getting boiled: Prepare the veggies:- green peas, capsicum,tomato,beans etc etc [you can add any vegetables u want] this increases the health factor as well. specially for ppl with Kids who avoid veggies. 🙂
and thinly slice them.
=> Saute onions using very little oil in a skillet u can add thinly sliced garlic to it. saute till they turn a darker shade of pink.
=> now put all the veggies that uve sliced and cook a bit.
=> now put a pinch of turmeric, little salt and 1/2 a spoon of chilli powder or any Masala u prefer. Keep stirring.
=> Add the shrimp and cook for about 2 mins. we dont want to overcook the shrimp or they turn hard.
=> Turn off the gas, stir more to uniformly coat all the veggies and Shrimp.
=> Drain all the Water from the pasta and mix it well with the veggies and Shrimp.

=> now- the trick is: You can make it authentic by totally cutting off the garlic and Masala part and Mix the appropriate sauces after its cooked. maybe while serving.
=> You can also Make it With Chicken Or Go all veggies if ure a Vegetarian. 🙂
=> Garnish with Cilantro And Serve hot.
You can also Accompany it with ur favourite dessert. Or ur favourite wine 😉
Hope u liked it! catch u with more stuff soon.
Stay blessed,

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