Hey gals,

Who all are in awe of the Sigma brushes???  and the special cup holder that comes with it??? yeahh me tooo… actually even if we dont have the entire brush collection like the Pros; we can still use the cup holder to keep our existing brushes…  I, personally, have no more than a couple of important brushes and I’m slowly building my collection but somehow always wanted a sturdy decent container which I can carry as well as store my brushes safely.

Somehow SIGMA answered all our prayers and got this for us 😉

You can order the brush cup using THIS LINK.



Until later…..


5 thoughts on “SIGMA brings the BRUSH CUP HOLDER!”

    1. nopes.. I use all drugstore.. Ecotools mostly… but this cup-holder looks grt.. as I still keep my brushes in a mug 🙁
      what say?

  1. I keep my brushes in an ice-cream tub full of rice to make the brushes stand 😀
    I would invest in brushes instead of the brush holder!

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