Stripes,Spots,POTD and some ramblings…..

Presenting you the most abused trend of this year : stripes! But in my defense I only have one shirt. And this is how I always look when I go out and about.  just concealer, my fav MUFE duo-mat powder, a Kohl and something on the lips.  Do let me know what’s your go-to routine :

Striped shirt


And this one in animal spots :Spots


I saw Karen from “Will and Grace” wear the same Striped shirt today. she also wears a lot of animal print. And the show was in early nineties or something. So see, they recycle trends! GO rummage through your grandma’s clothes now!

Something on my mind lately :

  • – I hope fall comes soon. I miss fall! & Christmas. I am so in love with the whole december that it makes people doubt if I’m really a hindu!
  • I never show that enthusiasm while going to a temple.
  • – Ask any woman, apartment hunting & the drama that goes to it makes your blood pressure rise than anything else.
  • – These days, I’m reading articles on CNN and feeling, is this world doomed already?
  • – Here in Miami, I find guys wearing more makeup than I do.
  • – I swear to God I bought a big box of laundry detergent & somehow I’m not able to find it. did the pigeons from the balcony take them?
  • – Everything seems boring these days. I’m having a ton of crap to do, I want to nap too but I’m doing neither.
  • – I always wonder, how come the entire world’s ppl have their coffee tables clean & tidy and mine always has mess around. even after I clean it, 1hr later there’s crap on it.
  • – I saw something today  & it disturbed me a lot. So I’m counting my blessings & considering myself lucky.
  • – I’m having so many ideas for my blog but for some reason I’m not able to do anything. I donno why.
  • – I now fully understand why sleeping early and sleeping fit is relevant to the inner & outer health.
  • – Folgers coffee is messing with me. I bought it because I wasn’t able to find nescafe but this sh*t is strong!
  • – There’s a shirt in Zara I really have my heart on but for some reason, I’m resisting buying it because of the damage I did on my birthday.
  • And also, some damage I’m going to do in september (will tell you abt it ;))
  • – I noticed that anxiety can happen to anyone.

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  1. My go-to “make-up” routine is just powder, a little blush and a lippie. I usually wear my sunglasses whenever I’m out so I don’t need anything on my eyes. 🙂

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