Ardell brow kit

A quick EOTD!

Hey everyone… hope you guys had a great weekend 🙂 Mine was a roller coaster. By the end of sunday I was so dead beat I just wanted to curl into a ball and doze for umpteen hrs… I’m still dozey. and the climate doesn’t help either… grrrrr BTW- does everyone else feel as clueless on Monday as I do???

A Quick Smokey wing and Key Lime pie!

Happy Easter people and a belated happy Hanuman jayanti. Hope you guys are having a kick-ass weekend. ME and M decided to go out for a movie and while I was getting ready, he dozed off—- again! :(( And I didn’t even take that long… Iswear!
So now that I’m all good n ready, I thought I’ll just post here and see what do you guys think about it!

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