BOBBI BROWN Corrector in light peach review, swatches!

2013 is already a week old and I’m still making mistakes writing 2013. hehehe. really, tell me, its happening to you too -right????

I have a very old relationship (albeit illicit) with dark circles. Most of it is to be blamed on late night movies and reading tons and tons of books. Very few classics though!!!
I often use a concealer while going out to make them look tolerable but I always thought I needed something more. well, an 8hr sleep with a quiet mind is out of the question for lots but I do try and remedi-fy them sometimes!

I got the World famous Bobbi Brown gel liner few days back but my oily lids made sure it doesnt work on me. And while returning it, the kind MUA suggested I try this. And I’m glad I did.