Coral crush & yummy shoes! [A teeny tiny haul]

Happy monday ladies…. well, monday sucks!!! I didn’t got up so late today so everything is getting delayed! Mondays suck… right??? LOL

This weekend out of the blue hubby decided to take me to dolphin mall for a movie… which I’m sure he’ll never do again … hahahha
We went to see the hunger games but the shows were all sold out so we went to get me some stuff… and this is what we got 🙂

My Perfume haul!

Happy Monday everyone.. though its Sunday night here and I’ll be dozing off just after I post this 🙂
Hope you had a great weekend. mine was grt too… actually it was fun!
Saturday was lazy and we rented Paranormal activity 3 and I was kinda angry on the movie because demon or not- 11yr old girls should not be molested! and then while sleeping I ended up reading about 1 & 2 and was so freaked out that I didn’t sleep and also didn’t let the hubby sleep.. LOL

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