MAC satin lipstick Del Rio review, swatches!

Color-wise, It’s a rich plum with brown undertones, and packs quite the punch. MAC calls it plum-brown but I think the undertones are more of a mahogany than a plum brown. This color goes with a lot of Indian skin tones so it’s a cult fav of makeup artists in India/Gulf countries.

I won’t say it’s my favourite or sing praises about it. But I would say, I was bowled by how creamy and soft it feels. I love applying it on me. Not to mention the pigmentation. While I was applying it today, I was reminded how much I love MAC lip products. This is my sophisticated lip color btw. I mostly wear it with formal clothes, Indian dresses & I’m sure it will look fabulous on sarees. Most of the times I just dab it on my lips and blend with my finger. Here I’ve full on applied it from the tube! It stays for about 4hrs on me after which it leaves behind a lovely stain. And it does not transfer much on the coffee cups 😉 I also tone it down by layering it with a lighter gloss.
Honestly, If you want to give your mom/aunty/elder lady a MAC lippie- do try del Rio.
And I’m definitely getting more from the

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MAC Huggable Lipcolour Rich Marron Review & Swatches!

stly was just there to get Brown script(One os my fav eyeshadows) When the SA suggested I try these. Now I regret not hetting more. I really liked these more than a lot of the normal lipsticks. MAC always gets me 😀 These are a little more heavy than the normal MAC lippies but it doesn’t bother me. They feel gel like and stick to the lips a lot longer than your average lippie. MAC claims a 6hr stay but we all know how that goes.. I don’t think I have ever seen a lip produc

MAC Huggable Lipcolour Rich Marron Review & Swatches! Read More »

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