Review : Natural Essentials nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner.

Weekend is here!!! yayyyyyy! I want to go to a beach or park & just lounge around sipping on things, wearing a loose blue shirt. why blue?I donno. Last week I wanted to wear dresses. This week, it’s blue. That reminds me, I want a powder blue eyeshadow. [And that’s my ADD kicking in…]
Today I decided to review something I never thought I would. I honestly never thought I’d have a favourite shampoo that I’d save for special days. I never stuck to one shampoo & I just recently started using conditioners religiously. Also, I don’t believe in spending a lot for bath products. I’ve tried Loccitane shampoo once & I thought spending 20-25$ for a shampoo or facewash aint worth it!

When I received these products , they wrapped them so specially in fruits & flowers that I wanted to scoop up and eat it! trust me! FYI, I’m really a big fruit addict & every single day I HAVE to eat at least 1 fruit or the food seems incomplete.