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Haule haule se hawa lagti hain… aka haul post!!!!

So as my Indian friends have guessed, I tried to sneak bollywood here. But sachi, when I first heard the song I thought about moving vehicles used to relocate (yup, rotten imagination I have!)
July is my favouritest month of the year , as it is my birthday month, closely followed by december (christmas) & october[for some reason, I like october]. I really really am good to July, although July is never good to me- never once! dumbass always makes me cry 🙁

Coming back on track…. Online shopping has made everything so convenient right!! no going out in this 90+ heat. but that doesn’t stop me from window shopping on various sites for hours & hours. Don’t lie now, you do that too…
So, coming back…. look what I bought (Imagine me screaming happily… & a little jiggy too)

Hubby & I were looking at kettles for a lo

Haule haule se hawa lagti hain… aka haul post!!!! Read More »

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