The battle for skin care.

Looking after your skin and keeping it looking fresh, spotless and free of grease can feel like an uphill struggle at times. With all the products we use; make-up, moisturisers, face wash, body wash, soap, sun cream, not to mention the air pollution, your skin can end up looking a little worse for wear.

There are minor things you could be doing to make sure your skin feels fresh at all times. And it isn’t necessarily the use of extra products. There are natural remedies you can maintain during your monthly appointment at RushHair London  [My cousin loves to visit here], or when you go shopping.

Drink tea: 
Tea is extremely good for your skin. Not only is it a natural substance with no other additives, but it has antioxidants that do wonders for clearing your skin of pesky spots. Green tea and Jasmine tea in particular are the best for flushing your skin. Tea also holds back the signs of ageing.

Regular water:
Water without any additions like favoured juices, is very good for your skin. Not only does it flush all the bad stuff out of your body, but it also freshens up your skin. Remember your body is made up of so much water, that your skin will only benefit from the recommended eight pints a day.

Eat healthily:
If you eat greasy fast food, you’re going to have greasy skin. Bad foods clog your pores and prevents it from breathing. Healthy foods like vegetables and healthier meats, keep your skin free of unnecessary grease. Not to mention they have vitamins etc that are good for it.

Find the right skin care product :
Lots of people chop and change between skin care brands. Stop doing it! This is bad for your skin, because it’s absorbing several different mixtures in a short space of time. Try and stick to one. For example, the brand Simple, and only change when the bottle has finished. Your skin likes regularity.

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5 thoughts on “The battle for skin care.”

  1. Agnibanya Das Poddar

    Bee I really like drinking water , you know..Not that I have great skin, but I guess it could have been worse if I was not drinking as much as I do…..I usually have about 3.5 to 4 lts of water everyday..I’m always accompanied by a water bottle everywhere I go. lols…And I love tea, 2 regular cups with ginger and holy basil and a cup of green tea make my day…
    and I so agree about th eregularity part…after a huge bout of acne around 7-8 months ago, I stopped changing my skin care products an dthat has made a huge change in my skin…
    lovely compilation of points 🙂

    1. Hey AB.. me too re… I also noticed a huge difference after I started drinking more water. now I try and carry a bottle with me wherever I go. and my PMS also is a big havoc :(( Also,, you have fabulous skin. I loved you in your recent pics.. was it your sister’s wedding?

      1. Agnibanya Das Poddar

        yup, my sister’s wedding it was..Me too very wary of PMS,yaar!!….I get those ugly breakout every time..sometimes 3 sometimes 5… ouch!!

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