the beginning………

Hey pallies….

Ahhh, seems im late in the Blog environment but ive just graduated from good-ol-journals to the hep world of Internet… *yayyy me!!*
So ive recently married and moved to the states…. and well- ppl may yell from the rooftop that a bachelor life is anytime better… i beg to differ… see- ive never been more relaxed (read lazy) or idle ever…. LMAO!!!!
well, im no expert in things but by this blog would like to share and EXCHANGE know-how(see how ive avoided the word knowledge ;)) wid other bloggers about life, makeup, styling etc etc etc 🙂
so dats it for now as m very sleepy…*yawnnnn*
so long buddies… lets see what i think abt 2moro….
Stay blessed,

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