The things we know- and never do :(

Heyy sweeties, how’s the week going for you guys? Sorry for being MIA again. the heat and irregular sleep timings are really playing a havoc on me and hubby lately :((  *I badly need some spanking*  BTW- everyone waiting for the fall season to come soon say AYE!!! Yeahh- I know summer is all fun and games but the heat :(( I find winters more forgiving…  not the snow though….  shit- I ramble so much….  hehehe

That reminds me: our parents and grand parents and doctors keep telling us stuff which we listen from one ear and completely filter from the other… hmmmmm..

One of my college friends emailed me the other day and gave a great tip- I already knew one of the ingredient to be great for the skin but somehow didn’t bother to come up with anything and spend on lush and TBS…  hmppphhh on me!!!

She gave a very nice and useful tip to make a mask for acne prone skin and acne marks. And I can tell because I used it a couple of times before putting it here!!!

Her name is Amruta Joshi and she is a very intelligent girl- not sure but I think she is pursuing here masters here in the states….  cant give more info about her though 😉 just wanted to acknowledge and thank  her for the great tip.. hugggss – hope we meet someday girl!!!

She says: I was suffering from acne while in college. Now that acne dont pop up (thank god) but they have left behind scars…

And after coming to US..its actually not feasible to invest in parlors.. financially and they dont understand our skin type and problems 😐

So I tried this pack…really really worked for me…may be it can help you too…
I just mix gram flour , curd, cold milk, turmeric, olive oil…additions can be honey and lemon juice

worked really well for me…:)

I totally understand what she means and thats why I invested in the clarisonic just to get that facial effect. will review it soon!

I tried this pack using olive oil and it worked great on my suppa oily skin and hub’s sensitive-easily-tanning-and-easily-itching skin too.. So I can say its safe for any type of skin!!!

that takes me to another problem I’m  facing these days. I opened a course book  in January and havent even reached half- I’ve finished 10 novels in that time so its not that I cant read  or concentrate. I donno what is stopping me… I’m putting this here not to bore you (:P:P:P) but that since its out in the open now I can finally fight the lazy monsters and attack the problem now…

BTW- on a happier note, Hubs ordered a 120 eyeshadow palette for me (happydancing!!!) so you can expect more EOTDS in the coming month…. well, I’m working on one now so yayyy

enjoy your week babes and any tips, tricks, advice welcome!!!

Love yaa

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12 thoughts on “The things we know- and never do :(”

  1. Hi Bee….

    Thanks for this. I think I will try this weekend..I suffer from acne still and scaring…

    So let me ask you, how long did it take to see results and what were the actual results you saw?

    Thanks…Very interested.


  2. Hey shas 🙂 how’s everything at home?
    this does not show results quickly but you will see the difference in a month or so if you apply like twice or thrice a week~
    my pores havent vanished as yet but my skin has become really smooth and this caused the pores to look less and the friend who gave me this idea looks great!
    but you need to religiously follow your CTM routine too!!

  3. I can not wait for Fall either!! I can’t wait for leggings and chunky sweaters – I am so over this heat. Hope you love your new eye shadows! Will look forward to seeing it!

    I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to visit the blog I just started with my sister and follow us back if you’d like! 🙂

    Also, check out the giveaway we are doing right now for a Tiffany & Co. necklace!



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