Traditional Look of the day for Diwali!


I loved how everyone posted pics of traditional clothes and decor for Diwali this year! I did a minimal job preparing some sweets and cleaning the new apartment. Honestly, I was more excited for halloween but we couldn’t go anywhere this year as my in-laws don’t really like to hang out at night and it didn’t help being a week day! you know  how much I love painting everyone for halloween!  Next year maybe *sigh*

So, I had to get ready in 10mins and this is what I came up with : I read a statement the same mng by Karen  “sometimes you just have to load up on wood winked and call it a day” I just slapped on some wood winked on the lid and some matte born on the lid.  For blush, I applied MAC’s lovecloud . I added MAC MSF natural and some kohl in the car on the way. Also, some tinted lip balm! And to think I wanted to take my time dressing up!

btw, Newsflash : If I ever move back to India, It’s going to be the end of blogging for me.

IMG_9771 IMG_9759 Oct2013 IMG_9770 IMG_9762

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