We Are What We Eat.

[Guest post by Catherine.]

Five a day, that’s what they say. Those good people of the World Health Organisation have been recommending the practice of consuming five portions of fruit and vegetables each and every day for a number of years now.

A bit like high-octane racing fuel:Some of the fittest people on the planet are undoubtedly our professional sportsmen and women, those dedicated individuals who entertain and thrill us with their seemingly God-given abilities and super-high levels of endurance.

It’ll be no surprise to anyone that they manage such feats through mental and physical strength, their minds focussed one hundred per cent on their game, match or race, and that they have diligently worked and exercised their bodies into a perfect state for their chosen sport.

It also won’t come as any surprise that, in general, they are equally strict with the food they fuel themselves with. Most will live on high quality, nutrient-rich food that provides their bodies with the incredibly high amounts of strength and energy they need.

To ensure our bodies grow properly, repair themselves effectively and perform well –whatever it is we task them with – we too need to feed them correctly. That is why a healthy balanced diet is so important and why fruit and vegetables should be eaten daily.

De-caffeinate : A convenient and often tasty way of getting multiple portions of fruit and veg is by combining several portions together to make a smoothie or a soup. “But I don’t have time to make that,” you might say.

Well, you have a few minutes don’t you? Everyone has a few minutes, even in today’s fast-paced times. After all, it takes a few minutes to make a cup of tea or coffee doesn’t it?

So instead of waiting for the kettle to boil, why not simply toss a few pieces of fruit into a Breville blender, secure the lid and push the button? After a few seconds, voila! A perfectly tasty, and very healthy, fruit smoothie. Freshly made, full of vitamins and other essential goodies, and part of your five a day, of course.


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