Weekend FOTD series-1!

Hey gals.. did you have a great weekend?  We decided to go pub hopping this saturday but instead went to the gym and it was so much better 😀  have I gotten old. but in my defense I rarely enjoy going to a disc or getting hammered 🙂 On sunday we went out for dinner with friends and it was such a delight.  In the last 2 weeks I met a kid and a dog  who didn’t care how I am but still liked and connected with me and I was smiling from the inside.  I guess when you go into an idea with no expectations—  you don’t know what might surprise you. Or totally change your viewpoint….
coming back… this is the makeup I wore on sunday… Most of the stuff I tried from the haul I just posted HERE!  I used MAC’s wood winked . And the leftover grey from the brush. I never realized wood winked would look so nice with cool toned shadows.. I skipped liner because I was not looking for any drama in the 1st place. Just mascara.  Also, my hubby calls this my “referee shirt”
ValentinesI used NARS sheer matte foundation lightly on my face and MAC’s soft and gentle lightly on my cheeks. WIth MAC’s over indulgence lipgloss. do I have to say again how much of a MAC maniac I am.. LOL
P.S- I almost hit the buy now button on a NARS lipstick… tell me, to do or not to do!!!!

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6 thoughts on “Weekend FOTD series-1!”

  1. loving the look Bee! kids and dogs are so not biased and innocent na…my neighbor has a dog and he has become part of my life now..cannot imagine living without him..he is so adorable 🙂

    1. thanks PAri…. hain na- I never thought I’d like them.. And now I would love to have one. what is your neighbor doggie’s name?

      1. his name is grecko and he is 3 1/2 yrs old doberman ..i never thought i would find doberman cute and adorable …LOL..I too would love to have one now..infact I keep on pestering hubby to get one 😛

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