What’s in my bag Featuring – Nidhi Pandey!

Hey girls… Happy friday!!!!   After I started this feature  last week, everyone really liked it… I really wanna take a looksy in all ur bags 😀

Every time I see some pretty lady I think, what might be in her bag??? and now with so many pretty ladies around me.. I thought lets snoop around a bit.. hehehe Till then, enjoy what Nidhi has to say:

Hii Bee!

 Well my Bag contains
1) Nivea lip balm – use it on my lips my eyebrows n also on my eyelids.
 2) Loreal wet wipes (sometime when I have to lessen the things that I carry, I keep my baby’s hand an mouth wipes n use that for me too) to cleanse the face ..but I don’t do it freuqently.. overcleaning with wipes doesn’t suit my skin.
3) Vov Nude shade gloss..top it on the lip balm n sometime on eye lids too.
bass…thats it!
Thanks a ton Nidhi smile What’s in my bag Featuring   Renji Anooj.   Hope you all like this feature. I invite all you people to share with us what’s in your bag smile What’s in my bag Featuring   Renji Anooj.  we sure love to sneak wink What’s in my bag Featuring   Renji Anooj.
[P.S – Images from Google uncle. ]
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