What’s in my bag Featuring Suma Samyukta!

Happy friday again chicas…. and once again I bring to you a gorgeous blogger – also my friend- and we get to peek inside  her bag… *yayyynesss*

So here’s what Samyukta says:

Hey Bee,
Here’s my list:
I generally do not carry much in my bag, as I hate to do touch-ups in the middle of the day 😛 Still these are the products that you’ll always find on me 🙂
1. Q-Tips -> For emergency touch-ups and to remove goop accumulated in the inner corner of the eye. Ewwwww…
2. A Perfume Sample (for emergencies) – Right now it’s TBS White Libertine -> Every time I visit TBS they give me like 10-15 perfume samples! Sigghhhh… Keeping them in purses help me use them ;).
3. Lip Gloss/LipstickColorbar Star Shine Lip Gloss in Chai/MAC Taupe -> I love how the combo looks so naturally glossy on my lips 🙂 It’s my S/S 2012 staple 🙂
4. Lakme Absolute Moonlit Highter Duo -> I use it for highlighting as well as for bronzing and it generally helps me get an immediate lift-up 😀
5. Maybelline Gel Liner
6. Fancy/floral hair accessory.-> For the instant boho-chic look. Perfect for Summers 🙂

Thanks a ton Sam 🙂  Hope you all like this feature. I invite all you people to share with us what’s in your bag 🙂 we sure love to sneak 😉

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7 thoughts on “What’s in my bag Featuring Suma Samyukta!”

      1. me too… when I buy things from Sephora I always demand perfume samples. makes life easier while travelling na!

  1. Isimplylovemakeup

    Beeennnniiii thanks for posting re 🙂 A moment of self obsession-> Ok I do look super in makeup 😉 hahahahah

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